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T-34B BG-168 N9EJ

Airframe and Engine
Continental IO-520 (S/N 285623R)
GAMI Injectors
McCauley C406 3 Blade Propeller
Grimes 2 Light Strobe System
Brackett Air Filter
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Cleveland Nose Wheel Assembly
Engine heater for cold weather operation

Avionics Equipment – Front Cockpit
Garmin GNS 530 GPS/VOR/ILS/Nav/Com.
Garmin GNS 430 Nav/Com GPS
Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel with Intercom and 3 Light Marker Beacon Receiver
Garmin 327 Transponder With Sandia Encoder
Shadin Digital fuel flow management system
STEK 30 Autopilot w/Electric Trim
King KCS55 Horizontal Situation Indicator
Avidyne TAS 600 Traffic alert system. With read outs in front and rear Cockpit GPS Units
INSIGHT Graphic Engine Monitor
Tachometer – Electronic Recording
Sigtronics DVM 200 Digital Volt Meter

Avionics Equipment – Rear Cockpit
ARNAV Fuel Flow computer system
Garmin 295 GPS
ID 249 ILS/VOR NAV Indicator
Avidyne Traffic alert system read out in GPS Unit
Sigtronics DVM 200 Digital Volt Meter
Sigtronics EGT 101 Digital Exhaust Gas Temperature Meter
Full Instrument Panel

Year Manufactured: 1956
Total Airframe Hours: 5735
Engine Hours SMOH: 1006
Propeller Hours TTSN: 1189
Annual: 2-2-2015
Original Logbooks

Click here to download PDF file with more pictures.

Contact Jane Sigona, Owner
Location: Upland, CA
E-mail: jsigona57@aol.com
Telephone: (909) 593-8500


T-34B Project BG-53

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T-34B  Project  $27,500

Exterior sheet metal work is done and fuselage is in primer

2 pairs of wings

Missing engine, prop, nose gear, tail control surfaces

New parts: augmenter tubes, cowlings, and more

Located: Eugene, OR

Corvette or muscle car trades?


Bruce Lamont, (541) 465-8174 days, (541) 942-1173 evenings


T-34A  G-774

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Due to age and an uncooperative insurance company, I am offering for sale a great T-34A, s/n G-774, delivered to the Air Force in February 1956.  This airplane looks, feels and flies like a brand new airplane.  All ADs are current, the annual was completed February 2015 and she is in excellent condition.


Airframe: 5,988 TT

Engine: IO-550B – 550 hours SMOH

Prop: McCauley D3A32C409, overhauled 2014 – 88 hours SPOH

Exterior: 9+

Interior: 10+ - new panels, circuit breakers, switches in 2013

Glass: 9+

Extras: Smoke

Location: Ridgeland, SC

Price: $295,000


For more specs and info, please contact: Lou Fischer, (843) 466-0202, 34limafox@gmail.com


Photos can be seen at:




T-34A  CCF-34-91 N5376G

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N5376G – is Experimental – can be a really cool airplane Beechcraft T-34 S/N 53-4122
Aircraft – AFTT 6,224.7 hrs Spar/Mod Parks Aircraft S.T.C. SA 10081SC
Engine – Garrett TPE-331-151G S/N 92220C with 1,800 HTT and 1,940 cycles
Propeller – Turbine propeller Hamilton Standard 33LF-325-1033A-0 blades

Condition: This aircraft is assembled, including engine installed. The propeller is not installed. The aircraft was in the process of being completely re-wired, but that process is not complete. The aircraft will need completion which will include installing instruments interior, wiring for airframe and avionics. It is not known what avionics were to be installed. The canopies are installed and the glass is either new or in excellent condition. The aircraft has Cleveland 8 inch wheels and brakes. The controls are aluminum.

List price $75,000 (as of 3/17/15)

Anne Kleefisch



T-34A  G-810  N434G

(Click on picture to go to website with details and pictures.)


Details and pictures available via this website: http://ashleyanderson13.wix.com/t34forsale

Ashley Anderson
(608) 287-2500



T-34A  CCF-34-101  53-4132  N342RB
I would like to communicate to you that I am putting my T-34A up for sale as I will eventually be stepping into an LSA. Here is a link a site with details and pictures. I would appreciated if any of you or any of your friends have an interest to please contact me.

Previously belonged to Eddie Gomez
Always Hangared...No Aircraft Damage History

TTAF – 6176.3
Engine TTSNew – 498.7
Complete Ground-Up Restoration by EAA Hall of Fame member, George Baker
Grand Champion – Oshkosh 1999
Grand Champion – Sun & Fun 1999
Golden Wrench Awards – 1999
All Wing AMOCs Complete including ALEC AMOC for center section
Excellent Avionics & Electronics Package

Equipment List
Continental IO-550-B23B Engine - 300 H.P.
New low time Millennium Top End
Two New Zero Time Slick Magnetos
GAMI Fuel Injectors
McCauley D3A32C 409-C/G82NOB-2.. Three bladed
D5541 SS Spinner
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Nose Wheel Steering
80 Gallon Fuel Tanks, Beech Gauges, Dukes Fuel Pump
Heated Pitot
Batteries – Dual Concord RG-25XC In Series

S-Tec System 60-2 Autopilot Fully integrated with GNS 480 & GPSS
Elevator Trim on Stick
S-Tec 03976 GPSS Roll Steering
JPI-800 Engine Monitor integrated with GNS 480
Shadin Fuel Flow Computer

Garmin GMX-200 Multi-Function Display with traffic
Garmin GMX-200 Jepp. Chart View installed and unlocked (subscription required)
Garmin GNS-480 GPS (WASS), Comm, Nav, Transponder control
Garmin SL-30 Comm/Nav
Precision Engineering 8000B Audio Selector Panel
Garmin GTX-33 Remote Mode S Transponder with TIS-B traffic
Garmin GDL-69A Remote weather sensor
Music and Wx available with XM subscription
Garmin A33 GPS (WASS) Antenna
Garmin GA-55 Antenna for GDL-69A
C1 122 Com Antenna (2)
C1 157P Nav Antenna
C1 102 Marker Beacon Antenna
Sandia Encoder SAE5-35

Whelen Strobe System with 3 remote power supplies
Brackett Air Filter
Bendix/King KCS 55A COMPASS System with Rear Repeater
Two Each- Swiss Thommen A-13 8 day Chronographs
New Low time Main Goodyear aircraft tires

FAA Annual Due: 11/1/2014
Last IFR FAA Certification: 4/29/2011

Pictures and complete description on this page: http://t-34aforsale.com/T-34Aforsale.com/_.html


Ron Blash
848 7th St.
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

(503) 636 3612 Home


T-34B BG-334 N3VY

Click here for more details and lots of pictures on BG-334's Trade-A-Plane webpage.

Manufactured: 1957
Mint Condition- All ADs Complied
Finest T-34 on Market
New Baron Spar, St 66, & ALEC, etc.
TTSN: 3210 - Eng. TTSNew: 40
Prop TTSMOH: 40
Full Single Pilot Hard IFR / AP Equipped
100 Pt Restoration FWF w/ Blackwell Engine
Sale by 2nd Owner since Navy
Full Documentation by ADLog
Fresh Annual 11/13
100% always Hangared

Authentic Navy/Marine Yellow-Black 2000 Paint Scheme
Excellent Glass
Two ( 2 ) Fresh repacked Butler seat pack chutes
Lima-Lima Smoke System
Previously Walter Mayer’s personal T-34 – Parks Conversion


Factory New IO-520 BA – FEB’11+ 40 hr break-In
Continental Tuned Fuel Injectors
McCauley Prop OH FEB ‘11
New Prop Governor, Vacuum pump
100 PT Installation by Dan Blackwell including New Bendix S Mags


Garmin GNS 430 panel mount
Coupled STEC-50 Autopilot
Including New Garmin 396 w/ Active color Radar
Hard wired for 396 Antenna & Power – Plug & Fly
Garmin GTX-327 Transponder
King 525A HSI,
Insight Strike Finder – Vert. Mtg. Map reference – left sub panel and bootstrapped to HSI
Hoskins CFS-1000 Fuel Computer
Shadin AMS-2000 Altitude Alert
King Dual DME Readout N1, N2
Electronics Int’l (EI) Digital Scan/Step EGT & CHT
King KMA-24 Audio Panel
King KX155 NAV/COM
ICS 6000 Audio Panel
BFG/Foster Loran C
EZC Digital accelerometer
Davtron M655 6 Function Meter
King KI208 VOR/LOC
Dual Avionics Masters
Dual Helmet/ Headset jacks – Bose & Mil AF 47
2 – Bose 2000 Headsets – Factory OH 6/12


Lots of pictures - Click here.


T-34 Located: Philadelphia PA (PNE)


Price: $ 230,000


Contact: Allen at 610-202-4855 or astra@pobox.com



T-34A G-717 N134CD
Orange & white Navy Training Command paint scheme
Parks built ‘96
550 motor
Full IFR
All mods and full compliance
Spar strap
Always hangared @ DAL
Herb Story, 214-720-0400, herb@sdoyster.com, Former naval aviator
(‘66-’72 in F-8’s and flight instructor in T-34 @ Sauffley)


T-34B BG-145 N13WB
Fantastically maintained and upgraded 1956 T-34B.  The most affordable warbird to buy and fly today.

BG-145 was originally used as a Navy Trainer in Pensacola, FL. After its tour of duty it was then purchased by the Minnesota State Forestry Service and used very sparingly for surveys of forestland. Acquired by the current owner in 2002 the aircraft underwent a complete reworking of the cockpits and panels and repainted in its original training squadron colors. Several avionics upgrades were made to bring it up to its current state. In 2009 the engine was upgraded to an IO-550B with a 3-bladed McCauley prop. Cruises at 160 knots on 15 gallons an hour.

93.5 hr on IO-0550B, McCauley 3-bladed propeller. Total body rework 2003. GMA347, GNS530, GTX330, TI106A.

See www.N13WB.com for more pictures and details.


Ralph Lord,
601-932-4900, rlordcanebrakecapital@gmail.com



T-34B BG-242 N134Y
Precision IFR
Garmin 430W
Aspen Pro Stec-20 EDM 730 engine analyzer digital fuel quantity/ flow
PS7000 audio with marker beacons
All ADs complied with doubler plate/Alec
Recent Navy Recruiting Command paint
TTAF 6500
Engine IO-470
TSMO 884.9
Prop TSMOH 265.2
Annual Aug 2010

More info at: www.n134y.piczo.com, Trade-A-Plane


Ed Maybury, 904-703-9268, eam@clearwire.net

T-34B JS-611 N4984
Airframe Total Time: 9383 hours
Engine: O-470-4
Engine Total Time: 593 hours

Total ground-up restoration 1985
Oshkosh and Sun 'n Fun winner
Has won 12 EAA events

Navy yellow
King Gold Crown radios, Garmin GPS


Jay Sarver, (215) 795-0959, jst34@verizon.net


T-34B BG-148 N4986
186 hours on Nogle & Black IO-520 with 3-bladed prop
10,446 Total Time
Collins radios
Garmin GPS
Navy red & white paint in 1985
Hangared for last 20 years


Laurie Ermentrout, (215) 453-9164, left34@verizon.net

Jay Sarver, (215) 795-0959, jst34@verizon.net



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